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Hausvikstranda AS – rental of leisure boats.

1)Condition of the boat.
The boat has been inspected by our person in charge to reveal any defects or faults. The boat is delivered washed and filled with fuel to the customer and returned in the condition in which it was handed over. Make sure that there are life jackets for all passengers in the correct sizes and that these are used when in the boat. It is mandatory to wear a life jacket at all times while in the boat. The boat is equipped with echo sounder, GPS and chart plotter. The boat is rigged for fishing and has fishing rod holders on both sides.

2)Delivery of the boat
We ensure a proper inspection of the boat and good training for the tenant. If desired, we take the tenant on a test trip and show him/her any limitations in using the boat. Keys are handed over after the inspection of the boat has been completed and the contract has been signed. Knowledge and competence are often the key to a successful rental relationship where everyone experiences safety and joy at sea! We are available to the tenant throughout the rental period should anything arise.

The sea is not a place where one should test the limits, but a place one should be well within, precisely to reduce risk. Feel free to ask about a course if you are unsure about how to travel at sea and use a boat. As a tenant, you are responsible for staying within the rules that apply to boat drivers. Also remember to make sure that there are maps for the sailing area in question. We recommend the free app "Gulesider på Sjøen" 

We recommend that everyone plan their trip in advance, use the map actively and practice navigation. Check out the type of boat in advance and familiarize yourself on board. Ask questions if there is something you do not understand during the review of the boat. Be active and investigate how the safety equipment works on board. 
If the tenant was born after 01/01/1980, a boat driver's license must be presented before the tenancy begins. Renting a boat to people born before 01.01.1980 does not require a boat driver's licence.
There must be a signed rental contract by both parties before the boat is put into use.

3)Use of the boat
If nothing else has been agreed, you as the lessee are also responsible for cleaning the boat inside and out as well as all accompanying equipment, so that it appears in the same condition as when it was handed over
Pulling the boat up on the beach causes a lot of wear and tear on the boat and is therefore not permitted.
If you leave the boat, you are obliged to ensure that the boat is properly moored at a wharf/mooring place where this has been clarified with the owner of the place, that adequate fendering has been implemented and that the boat is securely closed and locked.
In the event of any grounding or damage to the boat below the waterline, the boat must be lifted ashore with suitable equipment. This is assessed by the boat owner. If there is a need for spare parts for the boat and engine, the procedure is agreed in each individual case with the Boat Owner or his representative. 
If problems of any kind arise with the boat, you as the renter are obliged to immediately report the incident to the Boat Owner or his representative. In the case of damage of a minor nature, this is reported as soon as possible to the responsible landlord. In the event of failure to provide such reporting/notification, the Lessor may charge the lessee for the sum it costs to remedy the faults and defects which the lessee has caused to the boat. Feel free to take pictures or film of any incidents that occur while on the boat, this way you also ensure good documentation in the event of any disagreements at a later stage.

The lessee must return the boat with a full tank, unless otherwise agreed with the lessor before the start of the rental period.

The tenant pays for the agreed rental period before the rental period starts.

The following prices apply for the season:
Øien 20ft boat 50hp - daily rental NOK 1,050 or weekly rental NOK 5,100
Øien 17ft boat 40hp - daily rental NOK 850 or weekly rental NOK 4,700
Fuel is extra.

4)Landlord's obligations
The boat owner is obliged at all times to have adequate insurance cover for the boat which covers insurance cases in connection with the rental.
Safety equipment
Ensure that necessary and/or required equipment for safe and legal use is in place in the Boat and that the Boat is in good technical condition, including the CE mark.

5)Lessee's obligations
The hirer is responsible for returning the boat at the agreed time and in the agreed condition. In the event of problems, see point 3.

Hausvikstranda AS 05.10.222

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